I Joined a CSA!

Has anyone else seen the documentary, Food Matters?  My friend, Carolee, convinced me to watch even though I thought it’d be just like another Food Inc.  Whereas Food Inc. scared me by telling me I ate too many corn by-products, Food Matters scared me into thinking I wasn’t getting enough nutrients through my diet.

They both have the same overarching message – feed your body REAL, whole foods and stay away from all that processed junk.  Processed junk, including marketed “healthy” foods like protein bars and shakes and even nonfat pasteurized milk!  The one compelling thing Food Matters left me with was their focus on raw foods and VITAMINS.  I’m not about to go raw, but I do want to eat more fresh foods and I’m definitely going to be more diligent about taking my vitamins.  One step at a time…

At least breastfeeding has helped discipline me because I’m still taking prenatals 6-months postpartum!  Whatever I eat, munchkin eats… so that motivates me to keep taking those big horse pills.  I’m trying to reduce my red meat intake too.  I eat too much red meat for my own good – it’s only increased ever since I married my carnivorous husband!  I’ve somehow convinced myself that I NEED the protein and that red meat is the best source of iron, but I’m beginning to think that’s a LIE.

SOOOO… although I’m not cutting out red meat completely, I’ve committed to eating less of it while adding in more whole, real foods in the form of locally grown veggies & fruits.  One of the ways I’m living out this commitment is by joining a CSA!

What is a CSA?  It stands for Community Supported Agriculture – read more about it here.

I’m glad I live in a city that has tons of Farmer’s Markets.  We live in Socal, but there’s even a farm in my city.  You can actually go there and pick your own produce straight from the ground.  I’ve been more proactive about visiting the farm.  Since it’s strawberry season, I’ve been going weekly just to get fresh strawberries for my family.  Fresh foods taste 1000x better than shipped foods sold at big supermarkets.  My strawberries taste like candy – plump, juicy, sweet, and everything nice.

Anyhoo, I’ll be picking up my first CSA box next week, so I’ll keep you guys posted on the goodies I get!  The fun in this is that the farmer’s choose 6-8 different varieties of fruits/veggies depending on what’s grown that season… so every week will be a surprise.  It’s also cheaper this way than buying the individual produce on its own.  It will force me to get creative with my cooking.  I’ll get to try new veggies I probably wouldn’t buy on my own.  For example, I’ve never made a fresh beet salad and don’t know the first thing about roasting beets.  That would be a cool thing to learn.  I also don’t know a thing about turnip greens or kale.

I want to set a good example for my growing daughter too!  I’m a pretty adventurous eater so no daughter of mine is going to be picky.  Have your eating habits changed since becoming a parent?  Have you thought about joining a CSA?


9 thoughts on “I Joined a CSA!

  1. My eating habits have definitely changed since become a mother, particularly since Alexander has some allergies. I am trying (but not very well) to go as close to ‘organic’ as possible. We joined our local community garden a while back and ever since I was pregnant, we haven’t been back! At the community garden, we get our own plot to grow our own vegies, and there is also a communal area where you can pick whatever herbs and vegies you want.

    We have though been getting up early on the odd occasion to go to the markets to buy our fruit & veg. I got given a juicer for Mother’s Day so I’ve been making my own fresh fruit & veg juice and it’s been cheaper buying in bulk from the markets! Previously we had our own organic fruit & veg box delivered to us and it had different veg that I had never used before so it was very cool experiementing!

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder to eat well. It takes a fair bit of organisation and menu planning to stick to it! It also reminds me to start exercising again so I can get back on track in being healthy both inside and out.

    P.S. I just went and popped a prenatal vitamin as I have been forgetting to take them! I’m also a big red meat eater – and my excuse is that I need to pass on the iron to Alex (he is iron deficient). But there is much more iron in beautiful green leafy vegetables!

    • I’ve never heard of a community garden – what a great idea! My backyard isn’t big enough for me to grow my own veggies, but I’d love to do that one day (if I have the time + energy!). It’s nice to know the exact source of our food. The documentary made me realize that it’s not enough just to be eating vegetables… a lot of our soil is tainted, so our vegetables are tainted and vitamin-deficient. Good job popping that prenatal! I keep some in the kitchen and some by my bed, so if I forget, sometimes I’ll see it before I turn off the lights and pop one right before I sleep.

  2. OMG ange! If I ever move back let’s make our own community garden! My parents have a huge yard and they’ve already planted lots of trees and plants! I’d love to have a chicken farm too 🙂 Fresh eggs! I’m so glad we can encourage each other to get all the nutrients! I actually don’t eat red meat that often at all, mostly because I don’t eat Korean food that often. Major sadness. I’m slightly anemic so I’m supposed to eat iron too! Do you know any more foods (that are edible and realistic) besides meat that has a lot of iron???

    • it would be so nice to have a huge yard! i DO NOT want squawking chickens around… you’re crazy girl!! hehee but i wouldn’t mind fresh fresh chicken eggs. i’ll just go over to your place to get my eggs, and you can raise the chickens. 😛

      i’m not the expert on this, but from what i can tell dark-leafy greens (spinach, kale), tofu, beans, and nuts are the best sources of iron other than red meat, but they don’t absorb as well unless you’re also getting enough vitamin C in your diet. so take a vitamin C supplement to make sure everything is getting absorbed in your system.

      • I take a natural iron supplement as well called Floradix Floravital…not sure if it’s available where you guys are? When I’m taking my iron, I drink a glass of orange juice with it to maximise absorption. Also, milk can interfere with iron absorption.

    • and yea korean food has meat or pork in everything! i’d never be able to eat the delicious broths, kbbq, etc. if i cut out red meat. i looove those foods too much!!

  3. this post makes me so happy! i’m glad that you and Carol are going to start eating healthier! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to join a CSA but I’m not home often enough to cook and eat the produce but one day soon! I’m glad we’re all becoming greener. You also help reduce your carbon footprint by buying local 🙂

  4. Go Ange! sounds great, healthy mama! Tae was on a raw food diet when he was playing tennis competitively and he even gave me his raw food diet book for me to try. it’s so much work to prep and stick to it so it wasn’t too successful for me. 😛 but i definitely do think about what i eat since it all goes directly to luke! your post makes me want to eat even healthier 🙂 once im better, i want to go with you to pick yummy fresh produce from the farms!

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