Celebrating our 1st Father’s Day

Noelle has been fussy all day… starting with a 6am (very unusual) waketime and continued with horrible naps all day long.  I’ll assume she was just too excited about celebrating her first Father’s Day with the man of her dreams.

S, on the other hand, woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a ready made breakfast all for him!  On the menu was a mushroom cheddar omelet and sausage links courtesy of Farmer John.  It was a big eating day for Noellie too!  As daddy ate, Noellie also took her first stab at solids!  I sat her down in her bumbo and started with a few spoonfuls of rice cereal.  She enjoyed it so much and kept widening her mouth for more!

Though it looks like she got more ON her mouth than IN her mouth…

After everyone (Noelle) was cleaned up, we presented Daddy with the gift we worked so hard to make:

Little hands+feet imprinted in baked clay!  Daddy was so happy and surprised!

We continued to celebrate with Daddy’s fave foods for dinner… nom nom nom…

SUSHI!  There’s a sushi place near our house that has excellent quality fish made by Japanese chefs.  Not only that, but the portions are huge and the prices cheap.  It can’t be beat for what you get!

RED VELVET CUPCAKES!  Courtesy of Martha Stewart.  My SIL and I have been talking about taking a cake decorating class at Joann’s or Michael’s over the summer… and one of these days I’m gonna buy a Wilton decorating tip set to make my cakes look more presentable.  For now, all I do is just scoop frosting into a ziploc bag, cut a hole in the bottom, then swirl the frosting on top.

I’m pretty pooped from Noelle’s fussy day.  She even threw her Giraffe at one point!  I think the little fighter in her is coming out, uh-oh…

But look how she adores her Daddy


11 thoughts on “Celebrating our 1st Father’s Day

  1. Hi there,

    We’re from Sydney, Australia and happen to come across your blog after seeing the cross post from The Wonder Weeks page on Facebook. Just wanted to drop a note and say that I love reading your blog as I can relate totally! My beautiful son, Alexander is just past 5 months and we are going through very similar experiences!

    Keep up the excellent work, don’t you just love motherhood…it’s the most rewarding job ever 🙂

    Karen & Alexander

    • Hi Karen… Thanks for reading! The next wonder week is just around the corner… just when I think there’s gonna finally be some peace and quiet around here, something else crops up, haha. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in going through the crazy moments – that’s great our kids are around the same age… when’s his birthday? Noelle was born Jan 6th.

      Nice cupcake creations by the way… wow, I could learn a thing or two or ten from you!

      • I know what you mean, he’s been such a joy the past few weeks! Although, he has been sick the last couple of days, so I have been busy cleaning up his vomits! Not pleasant 🙂 His birthday is 14th January!

        Thanks…I have been very slack though since Alex was born since his entry into the world was quite dramatic (or rather traumatic!). I really need to get back into it. Just email me if you need any tips!!

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