5-Month Update

This last month was tough in terms of sleep.  I’d read about the 4-month sleep regression but was hoping Noelle would bypass that and let mommy rest.  Yea, no such luck!  Almost immediately after she hit her 4-month mark, she started waking up 2x a night again.

This regression can also be labelled Wonder Week 19 (occurs between 14-17 weeks and peaks at week 19) – this term came from a book called The Wonder Weeks.  It identifies 10 significant developmental leaps your child will likely go through and how to deal with changes in behavior as she learns and acquires new skills.

Signs look out for in Wonder Week 19 (“The World of Events”):

  • trouble sleeping
  • shy with strangers
  • demand more attention
  • head needs more support
  • loss of appetite
  • less lively/ less vocal
  • mood swings
  • needs more physical touch during nursing
  • sucks thumb more often

Personally, anticipating milestones helps me to be more aware.  This awareness allows me to be more patient because then I know munchkin is just going through a phase, and that these “rough patches” are likely the start of something quite exciting (a new skill, a growth spurt, etc)!  Almost like clockwork, once we hit Week 20… munchkin went back to her usual long stretches of sleep with only one night waking.  What a world of a difference one less night waking makes!

We’ve also been teaching her some Baby Sign Language.  We gotta give babies more credit.  They understand a lot even before they have the ability to talk, so encouraging non-verbal communication can reduce tantrums and outbursts in their toddler years.  I bought the Baby Signing Time DVD to help us visualize the meanings of different signs together.  So far I’ve only taught her the basics like milk, eat, diaper, mommy, and daddy.  I can’t wait til she starts signing back to me one day!

In other news, my husband and I just came back from a mini-trip to SD this past weekend.  It was our first time away from munchkin for more than a few hours, which is why I stressed all month over getting her to take a bottle.  For weeks, every time the artificial nipple entered her mouth she would cry like a hyena so I’d resort to just popping a boob for her.

We introduced a bottle back when she was 4 weeks old and she took to it just fine, but because I preferred to breastfeed over pumping + feeding, she didn’t get the bottle on a regular basis… and now that she’s old enough she knows what she likes (and doesn’t like).  Anyway, we left for the trip and hoped for the best… imagine my relief when my SIL texted me this:

I guess she knows when mommy’s around and when mommy’s gone!  Only a day away and I missed her so much!  I love how her hand is just gently resting on her pudgy thigh in this pic.

Here she is, not quite cooperating with the camera again.

Noelle Olivia | No stats this month


9 thoughts on “5-Month Update

  1. omg ange.. she…is..soo… CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh. God blessed my friends with cute babies so that I don’t have to lie… thank goodness!!! LOL. But I am so serious, omg she has the cutest little eyes ever!!! She has changed so much already!!!

    • i was looking up stuff about the 4-month sleep regression because i always see that everywhere… and i came across an article about the wonder weeks.

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