Day 27 | A Picture of you and a Family Member

Growing up, there were times when I hated having a younger sister – we fought like crazy!  We were so close in age that I never felt like the “older” one, and besides, she never listened to me much.  Yet she still liked to hangout with my friends, do everything I did, and follow me around everywhere!  At the time, it was Annoying with a capital A.  Though looking back now it is quite flattering having a little wannabe-me walking about.  =)

We got closer when I left for college, and I think our closest period was when I moved home post-undergrad.  We spent a lot of time together then and would talk all night long while watching endless reruns on her bed.  It was THE BEST.  We’re so different, but she is the one person who knows all of me, including the darkest parts…

Before I got married, I wanted to do one last special thing with my sister before our lives changed forever.  We probably wouldn’t get to have those late-night chat fests or bum around the house together the way we used to.  So I decided we should take a trip together.  We ended up in New York since she had never been!  That’s where this picture is from – here we are grubbing on some delicious Shake Shack.  Love ya sis!


3 thoughts on “Day 27 | A Picture of you and a Family Member

  1. you are doing SO well with this photo project! love this picture. i have a younger sister, but we’re not talking. it’s a little sad. you’re so fortunate to have a good relationship with yours! you both are so pretty!!!! And Shake Shack? Call me JEALOUS!!!!

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