Day 19 | A Picture of You when You were Little

I wish I could transport myself back to my mom’s house so I can get some fresh baby pics of me, but oh well… here’s one I have posted on fb:

I chose this pic for many reasons.  One, it shows how mischievous I was as a child.  How on earth I got on top of this cabinet I’ll never know!  I traveled a lot as a kid because all my aunts in Taiwan (and my mom) were travel agents when I was growing up.  I had been to Hong Kong four times by the time I was four years old.  During those travel stints, apparently, I would involve myself with the TV at various hotels and broke a few by ripping out their wires.  I have scars on my knees from climbing suitcases and a faded scar on my forehead from falling headfirst out a window and onto concrete.

I was quite the adventurous and curious little child.  Danger?  What’s danger?  As you can see in this pic, I’ve found myself in the middle of ceramic (i.e. breakable) antiques while digging through some papers.  When I brought Noelle to Mother’s Day Brunch with my mom and grandma, they were both delighted and amazed at the calm, chill baby I had in my arms.  My mom basically told me I lucked out not having a baby like me!  My retort?  Well, maaybe if I had some parental supervision…….

Harumph… I think I turned out decently ok.  =)

5 thoughts on “Day 19 | A Picture of You when You were Little

  1. omg, i was about to ask if noelle was like that! well we’ll have to see once she starts running around , right? 🙂 and you turned out ok??? ummmm….. jk!

    • true… sam said he was an “easy” baby, but once he reached his toddler years he became “a terror”. so i guess only time will tell!

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