Day 16 | A Picture of Someone who Inspires You

I had to save this post for my dear friend Carolee, who I’ve gone through many ups and downs with and yet, she is still absolutely one of my closest friends.

Here we are on my wedding day.  Shameless plug – check out JacBeauty for all your makeup/hair needs.

There are a lot of things about her that inspire me, probably because we are so different in many ways.  She is not afraid to pursue anything she wants with her whole being (me on the other hand, I hold back a lot… due to many insecurities hehe).  To give you an idea… she is currently involved in an NYC choir, taking ballet lessons, learning guitar, working full-time at an art gallery, and doing wedding make-up/hair on the weekends as her side business.

She is an extremely passionate person – the difference between her and others is that she actually goes out and pursues her passions without a second thought.  She says that one of her biggest weaknesses is that she is overly confident, but that is also one of her greatest strengths.  She truly believes that if you set your mind to it, it will happen.  I could definitely use more of that in my life.  She inspires me and makes me believe that I too can do anything I want and be whoever I want to be.

One of the ways we first connected was being able to passionately discuss sermons and the bible together.  Call us whatever you want, but it’s rare to find someone you can talk endlessly with about who Christ is, what He sacrificed, and what that means for our LIFE.  The conversations we have about those things are so rich.  We play off each other and go nuts!

I respect her most for the way she perseveres in her friendships.  I’m always stunned by the way she pursues people and gives her ALL to them, even when it seems useless or they’ve stopped trying.  If it were me, it’d be easier to give up and walk away.  She’s very inclusive of others, so whenever she plans a hangout it’s a good mix of anyone and everyone who is willing to give of their time.  Even with our friendship, I know that she never gave up even when there were moments when I had doubts about us.  She is a completely committed, loyal, and sacrificial friend who will be your ultimate champion.  She LOVES those she loves with her FULL HEART, just like everything else she sets out to pursue!


My life is richer because of her.


2 thoughts on “Day 16 | A Picture of Someone who Inspires You

  1. AWWWWW ANGE!!!!! I love you!! Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m totally encouraged by this!! I miss our deep talks and random thoughts like crazy!!!! 😦 and :)!!!!!

    “Newsong Nerds” forever!!! xoxox

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