Day 11 | A Picture of Something you Hate

The first thing that came to mind was spiders… then I did the unfortunate thing and googled them for images.  I QUICKLY X-ed out of that screen!!!  Forget putting any images of spiders, roaches, snakes, or other disgusting weird creatures on this blog.  Instead, I’ve decided on something tamer…


What a royal waste of time.  I often arrange my schedule just so I can avoid those peak hours of traffic.  You won’t see me scheduling a “coffee date” at 3pm in the afternoon because that means by the time I’m done hanging out, I’ll be stuck in the middle of rush hour.  Or when I book flights I usually avoid arrival/departure times in the morning or mid-afternoon unless I absolutely have no choice.

Unfortunately for us Socalers, the #1 WORST freeway for commuters is CA-91 East.  See the Full List HERE.


5 thoughts on “Day 11 | A Picture of Something you Hate

  1. LOL!!! I know how much you hate spiders, Ange! Remember our apartment scares with spiders? At least you have more balls than me! (shaking each and every shirt to see if a spider will crawl away…. *shudder)
    I know, I had to make a decision depending on the picture I can find of the thing I hate!

      • lol!! I was going through my old xanga entries to get an old photo and saw this entry from Aug 28, 2003:

        “Me & angela’s spider experience. Oh my goodness.. I came home and saw a nasty fat spider in my closet… so i squeal & act all girly and finally decide to courageously kill it… as I’m walking to the toliet paper (and i was quite proud that i was gonna kill it) there happened to be ANOTHER FREAKING HUMONGOUS SPIDER riiiiight next to the toliet roll! So i nearly jumped out of my skin and screamed all the way to Angela’s room – where she goes “oh gosh carol, its just a spider.” then SHE goes to the toliet roll and freakin screams too!!! (its REALLY REALLY GROSS AND HUUUUUUUUGE) So we whimper for a little bit about what we’re gonna do and since I’m too chicken – brave Angela decides to kill them both. So she whacks the first one with a magazine and we end up not being able to find the remains of the humongous spider. ??? it disappeared somewhere and we don’t even know if we killed it. Then for the other one by my closet, Angela whacks it with a magazine right as i say “make sure you kill it or else it’ll go into my clothes” and sure enough – she misses and it goes into my clothes! At that instant we do another whole girly screaming our heads off into Angela’s room. I was so scared and trembing and my heart was beating soooo fast but i was laughing my head off at the same time. Angela’s face is just seriously to die for… and we probably woke up the entire neighborhood. But the funniest part was when we crept back in the room to look for the runnaway spider..

        Angela was on my chair and had a magazine in hand and was picking up each piece of clothes in my closet, shaking it to see if a spider would somehow fall out and then dropping it onto the floor. I dunno why this was so hilarious but i took two pictures of this. I think it was the way she was screaming at me cuz i wasn’t doing anything, or the way she was holding each item of clothes – like a spider was going to crawl on her. Anyway, the search was once again unsucessful and now I have a huge mark on my closet and two pissed off runaway spiders in my room.

        I’m sleeping in Angela’s room tonight. I hate spiders.


        • one of my favorite memories of us!!!! we were terrified, but looking back… it was hilarious!! we’re such silly girls hahaha… LOVE IT!

  2. I actually don’t hate traffic. I’ve learned to deal with it because it’s a part of living in LA. But of course I would love to live in a traffic-free world.

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