4-Month Update

This month presented a lot of firsts for Noelle.  She celebrated her 100th Day and went on her first airplane ride!  Granted, it was a short hour-long flight from Orange County to San Francisco, but it felt like a big accomplishment.  Getting on the plane was easier than expected since we can take the stroller all the way to the gate and check it in over there.  It was also nice to have priority seating.  My friend recommended that I nurse/feed my daughter as the plane takes off because sucking will help her cope with air pressure.  It worked because Noelle didn’t let out a single cry.

An interesting occurrence happened while we were over at our pastor’s house this past week.  While my pastor was holding Noelle, she started crying but he insisted on holding onto her.  Usually people like to give her back immediately, feeling flustered at the thought of a crying baby.  When she finally calmed down, he returned her to us and said, “it’s better to give her back when she’s not crying so she doesn’t get used to crying to go back to mom”.  Good point!  A lesson learned.

Favorite Toys: she loves the same toys as last month, with the addition of a few others.  I’ve been trying to help her with her grabbing skills by shaking her rattle, dangling rings, and getting her to bite into Sophie the Giraffe… and she finally took interest in Sophie!  It was the first time she actually pulled a toy to her because she wanted to play with it some more.  I don’t know what it is about this $20 giraffe, but kids love it!  We also opened the Rainforest Jumperoo our friend gifted us and Noelle’s been happily bouncing up and down in it.  This thing allows her to be upright (her favorite position) and has all sorts of toys around it that she can play with.

Milestones: as I mentioned in previous posts, Noelle can now roll over from back-to-front and is in the process of sprouting the first of twenty chiclets (or so I thought).  I just came back from our Pediatrician and she said that the white dot I thought was a tooth is actually a Bohn’s Nodule.  I’ve never heard of this but apparently they’re harmless and go away on their own.

She babbles furiously now, but I can tell there’s still a shyness to her.  How?  Whenever I introduce her to her “friend” (it’s just her reflection but she doesn’t know that) in the mirror, she smiles a little then shies away by turning her head.  If I didn’t know better I would think she actually blushes!  It’s amazing how much of her personality is already showing.

You’d think that now that she’s 4 months, she’d be able to sit up properly for a quick photo, but nope.  One second she was up, the next second she was loungin’ on Pooh’s foot.

15 lbs 10 oz | 25.75 inches | 41.5 cm

(90% weight | 92% height | 50% head)


8 thoughts on “4-Month Update

  1. Wow, Sabastian is so smart! But it makes sense, babies by this age are starting to be able to make connections. “I cry, I go back to mom.” I can’t wait to join the baby club with you all! Only 3 more months! Noelle is getting so big!

  2. why do all babies love to be upright when they can’t do it themselves?? all of my friend’s babies were like that too! they should enjoy being able to lounge around. i would.

  3. I love these photos! love love her in the hat and the belly down one with pooh is just TOO CUTE! I like what Sabs mentioned, will def try that with Luke. and how adorable, she’s shy?! maybe the more playtime she has with her “friend”, she’ll warm up to her! hehehehe.

  4. Noelle is so cute! And thanks for sharing that tip. I’ll remember it when its my turn to have a little one. Love ur blog!

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