Day 05 | A Picture of your Favorite Memory

Since most of my childhood albums are in storage and it’d be hard to access them, I decided to post a more recent memory.  I present to you some of the most significant people in my life:

This picture is from the night of my engagement.  Why did I choose this memory over my wedding day?  This night was significant to me for many reasons.  One, I was completely SURPRISED and didn’t see the proposal coming at all (as you can see I am dressed in ghetto clothing – I had just come back from a full day of studying).  If you know me, you know I hate surprises… and I thought for sure I’d be able to figure out my own engagement since my husband is usually very predictable – well, he sure fooled me this time!  Second, I was INCREDIBLY touched by my friends because most of them are not local and had to fly or drive from norcal to celebrate with me.  I can’t believe they came!  I have the most amazing friends in the world and I can’t gush enough about them.

It’s very different from a wedding day because in many ways a wedding is like a big show.  It’s planned and coordinated, and people generally have high expectations.  Sure, plenty of people come out and celebrate with you… but there are politics involved, which make things complicated and tiresome.  My engagement was intimate, personal, romantic, and unexpected.  Everything I dreamed it’d be.

7 thoughts on “Day 05 | A Picture of your Favorite Memory

    • yes you are!!! not in the picture but in spirit… i remember making a phonecall to you (and you were with nikki) while at fukada and you guys were screaming your lungs out =)

  1. So sweet! That is awesome! I’d love to know more about how he proposed, and when all the friends came out of the woodworks to surprise you with their presence!

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