Day 04 | A Picture of your Night (Part Deux)

I had such a great night filled with friends and babies (I guess I’ve entered a new life stage).  My husband and I went over to our Pastor’s place to meet their new baby girl – she’s only 4 days old!  While we were over, some other friends unexpectedly came by and we had a good time just sharing life.

Meet Baby Selah | Born April 30, 2011

She has 3 older brothers and a father who are madly in love with her.  I feel sorry for her future boyfriends.  Here she is with 2 of her 3 brothers…

Then we came home and put our baby girl to bed.  Afterwards, two other close friends dropped by!  Here’s cutie-pie preggo Amy and her husband Tae.

She knit Noelle the cutest hat with bear ears and all!!!  Such talent.  I can’t wait to dress Noelle up in it once her head gets bigger.

Oops… I forgot I was only supposed to post ONE PICTURE of my night.  My bad.


3 thoughts on “Day 04 | A Picture of your Night (Part Deux)

  1. whoa~ ah! didnt know i’d be up on the post! 😛
    sounds like you had a great night and glad we were there to share it with you!
    and so happy you like the hat!

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