Day 02 | A Picture with my Oldest Closest Friend

This one’s a cinch – I present to you my bestie, Anne my man Shin.  Now she has her own man.  His name is Roy.  A little history on my oldest closest friend, Anne. We first met in the 6th grade.  I still remember her in glasses, no make-up, and a green sweater she wore often.  These were the days before we were forced into uniform (yes, I went to a middle school that required uniforms – that would’ve been a good one to mention in those 15 fun facts about me).

Here we are sharing our love for Monsters.  She’s as obsessed as I used to be.  Except she has every reason to drink cans and cans of these.  Let me tell you a little something about this amazing Anne – She recently graduated from UMich Ann Arbor with a PharmD (Doctorate of Pharmacy), was President of the Pharmacy Club there, stays involved in church… and after her 14 hour days, she’ll go work out at midnight or train for one of the FULL marathons she’s running… then she manages to make time for her fiance Roy, phone calls to me and keeps in touch with her million other friends.  This Anne – she’s a popular one.  =)


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