Baby Blogs (I Stalk)

I stalk quite a few baby/mommy blogs – most I’ve never commented on… I probably should so I don’t come off as such a weirdo.  Heh.

Here are some blogs I religiously read through the oh-so-wonderful-Google-Reader.  I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon most of these – I guess my web surfing skills are better than I ever could have hoped.

  1. Geek in Heels – I actually started following her blog before she had her baby.  However, I fell even more in love with her blog after she started blogging about her pregnancy and postpartum experience.  She had her daughter only a few months before me so it was nice to read what she was going through before I went through it.  I was touched by her raw honesty about her difficult transition into motherhood.  I haven’t found anyone else on the blogosophere that writes about motherhood as eloquently and candidly as her.
  2. AlphaMom – this blog is chock full of mommy advice!  There’s a wealth of info here – I remember the night I stumbled upon this site I spent hours on it just reading through the different articles.
  3. John’s Xanga – how rare it is to read about parenthood from a male perspective.  John is the creator of xanga and I love his take on fatherhood.  His lil’ boy Charlie Cole is super adorable too.
  4. JustBee – she is the creator of weddingbee and married to John (the creator of xanga – above).  She blogs mostly about her daily experiences with her son Charlie with tons of pictures and videos, but some of her posts are really informative… like her favorite baby toys, her ultimate baby registry, what she did to sleep train, etc.
  5. Creature Gorgeous – I started following her when I was pregnant since she was only a few weeks ahead of me.  I loved her weekly pregnancy updates at that time.  She doesn’t blog as frequently now that she has her hands full with her baby boy and a new house in the works, but I always look forward to her updates.  She’s seriously gorgeous too!

Of course, I am also a loyal follower of all my personal mommy (or soon-to-be-mommy) friends:

  1. Mifocals – my friend Amy is due in June 2011!  She writes candidly about her experience with miscarriage and the hopes/fears she has for the little one growing in her.
  2. Vitamin A – my other friend Amy is also due in June 2011!  I think these two Amy’s should be friends.  She is super creative, as you’ll see right away when you look at her blog.  Her blog is made up of very little verbiage, but you’ll soon see that sometimes pictures speak more than words.
  3. Blessedwithsons – she is seriously Blessed with Sons (4 in fact!) – when people say, “those kids say the darnest things” I always think of her boys!  They are a mix of funny and sweet and everything in-between.  In the midst of these cutesy posts is wisdom sprinkled throughout.  So much wisdom that I have trouble wrapping my mind around it sometimes.
  4. Adventures in the Life of Katie – she writes about the unexpected difficulties of her pregnancy – nausea, throwing up, medication – I’m sure many can relate.  She’s also going to try for a natural birth and is taking Bradley classes with the same instructor we had.

It’s always nice to read these blogs so I don’t feel so alone in this life stage – sleep training, potty training, teething, sleepless nights… these parents have been there and it’s reassuring to know that the phrase “this too shall pass” applies to almost everything.  I enjoy reading up on parenthood through the lens of firsthand personal experience.

Anyway, my hope is to get you to stalk some of these fab blogs that I stalk (so that I’m not the only weirdo)… heh.  I love it when people love what I love.  What other baby blogs should I be stalking?

This is not an addiction.


10 thoughts on “Baby Blogs (I Stalk)

  1. Ooh, some things to add to my google reader! I love the Alpha Mom blog already!

    Thanks for including me on the list =).

  2. ange, i am honored to be stalked by you (especially because i admire your taste). i know very soon noelle is going to be saying the darnest things! love you!

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