Noellie’s 100th Day (Baek-il)

Noelle is half Korean/half Chinese… so to keep up with Korean tradition, we celebrated Noelle’s 100th Day with a small family gathering at home.  The baek-il tradition originated centuries ago in Korea when it was considered a great feat for a baby to reach their 100th day of life.  It’s customary for Koreans to celebrate with rice cakes and soup, and that’s exactly what we did.

Her 100th day fell on an incredibly gorgeous 86-degree Southern California day.  The kind of day that makes you want to dress your little daughter in light, frilly dresses, cute bonnets, and flowery headbands.  This day was filled with much warmth, not from the sun but from love overflowing.  She even woke up laughing with legs kickin’, happy as can be, as if she knew it was her special day!

We didn’t do anything elaborate.  We simply gathered together at home for a delicious korean meal.  My MIL made our favorite side dishes (oi kimchi and sukjunamul) along with some chapchae (stir fried vermicilli noodles), galbi (short ribs), and miyukguk (birthday soup).  That mountainous white thing in the very back is four big blocks of rice cakes – they taste like nothing but big, fluffy clouds in your mouth (not that I know what clouds taste like).

This is my first time seeing cake made out of rice cakes!

We were going to do another celebration with both sides of the family over a traditional American brunch, but it just so happened that my mom caught the flu!  Even though there is a language barrier between our two sides of the family, it doesn’t stop us from gathering.  Today, I’m remembering how a little baby was able to weave together two very different families and make them one.  I’m remembering everything our baby is to us and how she’s changed us in these short 100 days.  Here’s to a hundred thousand more days.  I love you my JellyBelly Ellie.

Happy baek-il my precious Noellie!!~

Hey, what’s that pointy thing on top of my head??


10 thoughts on “Noellie’s 100th Day (Baek-il)

  1. Dear God, where did the time go? Noelle is such a gift from heaven, I can not wait to take her to parks and play with her! Happy 100th day sweetie! 🙂

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  3. Hello! I found your wonderful blog while searching for dduk cakes for our daughter’s 100 day =) Your daughter looks super sweet. Would you mind sharing where you got this lovely one? I’d love to give this to her!

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