Noellie’s 1st Roll!

No, not jelly belly rolls… though she has plenty of that too!  🙂

On April 12th, my chubbywubs rolled over for the first time… and I caught it on video!  She was propping herself up pretty firmly on her arms and rocking from side to side, so I decided to pull out my flip on the off chance that she might roll over.. and she did – not once, but twice (in a row)!

On another note, Noelle’s 100 days (Baek-il) is tomorrow, so we’ll be doing a small celebration with family and eating lots of rice cakes of course (Korean’s celebrate with rice cakes for almost every big occasion).  My MIL has been bringing home different types of rice cakes for me to try in preparation for this day.  There are so many different varieties and they all carry their own symbolism.

My little baby is growing up… *sniff sniff*.


3 thoughts on “Noellie’s 1st Roll!

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