3-Month Update

As a newbie mom I got advice from other mommies telling me to “trust my instincts” and to “follow your child’s cues”, but that just made me more confused than ever!  This past month, I finally got it.  I know that she doesn’t mind it when daddy sits down to watch TV as she lays there against his chest, but when I do it she gets seemingly uncomfortable and squirmish.  I guess mommy’s chest is not as soft or plush as daddy’s.  I know she enjoys being held upright, cradled in my arms, but the moment I try to rock her horizontally she’ll fuss and whine until I prop her back into the position she desires.  I know that nothing can calm her down the way music can, even when she’s hungry, bored, or irritated.  I know that a poopy diaper doesn’t bother her and that’s almost never the source of her cries.  I know that the moment her eyes glaze over and she starts staring off into space that it is time for a nap, and that nap almost always happens within an hour on the nose.  These are the things that no amount of reading or expert opinion can teach me.  I know my daughter.  She is unlike any other.

She only wakes up about once per night now – she can sleep a pretty long stretch from 8pm-5am!  Though I caught my first cold in about 2 years, which kept me up anyway.  I’m just grateful Noelle didn’t catch anything from me.  Breastmilk has immunities that protect her from catching my cold – again, I’m amazed at how God thought through every detail when He created us.

Favorite Toys: this month, the toys that hold Noelle’s interest the longest are her Tiny Love Mobile and Tiny Love Lights & Music Activity Gym.  Both play music and have bright, dangling things attached to them that make her googoo gaga all over the place… as you can see…

She loves music so much!  She’ll kick her legs and flail her arms to the sounds while staring wondrously at the hanging toys.  Other times I’ll just play Pandora and she’ll have the time of her life as I bounce her up and down on my knee or rock her in my arms.  I’ve been reading to her daily now, and she seems to really like it – her favorite board book right now is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? – it was a favorite of mine as a child too!

Look how she loves her mobile:

Milestones: Noelle has such strong head control already and can lift her head 45 degrees when laying on her belly or on mama's tummy.  She's also able to "stand" with a little help.  She has really strong, long legs!  She tries to roll but can only go about halfway onto her side... she'll get there in her own time.  She continues to smile responsively and makes lots of cooing noises.  She knows how to self-soothe herself back to sleep too by sucking on her fist through her woombie.

There was no 3-month pediatrician visit so I don't know her current weight/height, but she doesn't seem to have grown too much more than last month.  She's still in 3-month clothing so maybe she balanced out!  We shall see, she's due for a growth spurt soon.


14 thoughts on “3-Month Update

  1. Hi Angela!
    I normally don’t comment on posts, but I gotta say when i read “These are the things that no amount of reading or expert opinion can teach me. I know my daughter. She is unlike any other.”, it just hit me in a place i didn’t realize I had. It made me realize not only the depth of love and knowledge my own mother has for me, but the realization that we’re at the age where we’re capable of those selfless feelings for another. Thanks for your post and all the best to you, Sam, and Noelle!


    • aww thanks will – what a sweet comment!! being a mom made me all the more grateful for my own mom too… i’m now fully realizing how much she had to sacrifice for me all these years and i’m slowly starting to understand the depth of that love. my mom and i actually had a heart-to-heart tearfest the other week because i realized how much i loved her and her me.

      • I wish I could “like” this comment because I felt the same way when my mom helped me the first few months my little vivi was born. My mom was there to help out and take care of me when I wasn’t at my full strength. And knowing now the things that she went through raising me has made me appreciate her more. I love my mom!

  2. aww that is so true ange! My mom said that to me ALL THE TIME… She would take 1 look at me and go “you slept a lot huh?” Or “wow you didn’t eat today yet?” WHAT THE. And nothing can describe how SHOCKED i was when she freaking had ESP and said “you got your period?” That’s like… Mommy Magic. It’s amazing!!

  3. Ange! I really enjoy reading your blog – I don’t see myself becoming a mother anytime soon, but when I do, I have your blog to refer back to! The wealth of information is awesome!

  4. Ah! your perfectly-even-nostril-nose baby Noelle is too precious!! what a little dancer she is with those moves. and those chubby cheeks, oh stop! you’re such a sweet mommie Ange.

  5. Oooh! So Noelle loves music and is already dancing away while lying flat! Gee, imagine what she’ll do with her legs when she’s upright…we got a ‘lil dancer on the way 🙂 . Glad to hear that she’s sleeping so well.

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