Her 7-Hour Stretch!

After the 1st month, Noelle became a pretty good sleeper and has kept a relatively consistent schedule, but she has never been able to sleep more than 4 hour stretches – UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!  She slept from 10:45pm – 5:45am (7 hours on the nose!!!!).  My husband and I woke up disoriented and confused, which quickly turned into excitement.  I’m not expecting this to happen every night, but I wanted to document this momentous occasion on this blog.

Here’s her typical day (give or take a half hour here and there):

7 am – Wake, Eat, Play
8 am – Nap
10 am – Wake, Eat, Play
11 am – Nap
1 pm – Wake, Eat, Play
2 pm – Nap
4 pm – Wake, Eat, Play
6:30 pm – Start bedtime routine
7 pm – SLEEP

11 pm – 1st night feeding
2 am – Middle of the night feeding
5 am – Middle of the night feeding
7 am – Wake, Eat, Play

On most nights, I wake up 2x a night to feed Noelle.  Yesterday could have been a fluke or the beginning of something great (more sleep!!!).  I’m not complaining about my twice a night feedings though – I’ve heard some people wake up to 8x per night.  If that were me, I’d be scratching my eyeballs out.  I also thank my lucky stars every day that she’s an excellent napper.  I can always count on her daytime sleep to help me catch up on my nighttime sleep.


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