Unnecessary Baby Products

This list is based on my experience from the first 2 months of my baby’s life.  Who knows what can change in the coming days.  I guess “unnecessary” is not the best word to use because every baby is SO different, and what suits one baby may not suit another.  A better phrase for this list would probably be “luxury baby items”.  Are you wondering which ones you should pass on altogether, and which ones you should wait to see if your baby will like?  Let me break it down for you…

Pass on These – Just don’t bother.

  1. Baby Books – I registered for some Black & White board books because I naively thought since newborns could see only in B&W, my baby would be interested in these.  FAIL.  Infants can barely stay awake for 5-10 minutes at a time, much less muster up the energy to pay attention to books.  Don’t even bother.
  2. Baby Powder – my parents used this on me so I naturally thought I’d need baby powder for all those diaper changes.  Little did I know that the current recommendation is no powder for baby at all, supposedly the powder can cause respiratory problems in your little one.
  3. Baby Brush & Comb – I registered for this cute little Skip Hop Hare Brush & Comb Set, but my baby was sleeping alll the time, what was the point of trying to brush her hair?  She was gonna get bedhead no matter what.  Plus, some babies are born with barely any hair!  Useless.
  4. Crib Bumper – we have the Carter’s crib bumper, but its been sitting in the closet since Day 1.  Your newborn can’t even roll over or really move anyway, so there’s no point in using a bumper – plus, it’s considered a safety hazard!  We’ll probably use the bumper when our daughter becomes more mobile though because I don’t want to risk her getting stuck between crib slats.  If you’re concerned about it being a suffocation hazard, try a breathable bumper.

Wait and See – try to borrow these if you can to give them a test-drive first!

  1. Swing – we got a hand-me-down swing, and it entertained our baby for a few days, but all of a sudden she didn’t like it no mo’.  It’s really a matter of preference.  I’ve read so many stories from moms who say their baby will ONLY sleep in a swing, but not ours.  Now it’s sitting in a corner collecting dust.
  2. Bouncer – same reasons as the swing.
  3. Mobile – our daughter loved her mobile once she hit 2-months, but prior to that she couldn’t stay awake long enough to pay attention.  This is definitely one of those things that you should try to get second-hand!
  4. Pacifiers – so many babies get soothed by pacis, but our daughter would spit it out time and again.  I honestly don’t think she had a very strong suckling need.  We tried 3 different brands and she rejected them all.  At least we don’t have to worry about weaning her off of one.
  5. Bottle Warmer – this is nice to have, but not a necessity.  We have the Dr. Brown warmer because we use Dr. Brown bottles and I personally think it’s a wonderful invention, but wait to purchase this to see if you even end up using bottles.  And even then, see if you’re ok with just running bottles under hot water first.
  6. The Moby Wrap (or any other sling) – we registered for and was given the ever-so-popular Moby Wrap, but our baby hated it (I didn’t care for it either – too much cloth… so annoying).  She hated being squished in the sling and being in that horizontal position (she prefers being vertical).  Plus, I didn’t feel like it had as much support as the Ergo.  I would recommend borrowing someone’s sling for awhile and see if your baby likes it, and if he/she does… then consider purchasing one.
  7. Diaper Genie II – we use our Diaper Genie quite a bit, but we also keep a small lidded diaper pail in every room (because you will be changing your baby all over the place, not just in the nursery) and those work just fine in containing the smell.  Had I known this, I probably wouldn’t have registered for the Diaper Genie.  Plus, it needs special Diaper Genie refills that cost extra.  I personally think it’s more practical and economical to get a normal lidded trashcan that can be lined with grocery bags.  If you’re breastfeeding, your breastfed child’s poops don’t even smell (our daughter’s poops smell slightly sweet).  Maybe we’ll appreciate our Diaper Genie more once she starts eating solids.

This list is just from my personal experience.  Every baby’s preferences and temperaments are so different, so what works for one baby may not work for another.  It’s best to just wait and see what your baby will be like before buying some of these products.  In those early days, all your baby will be doing is sleeping, eating, crying, and pooping anyway.  🙂

What else would you add to this list?  Do you agree/disagree with these items?

9 thoughts on “Unnecessary Baby Products

  1. great list! i would have loved something like this when i was getting ready for micah 🙂
    we had the diaper genie as well and it REALLY came in handy when the poops started to stink.
    what we do now is just wrap the stinky ones in saran wrap and it works just fine too 🙂

    • i wish i had a list like this too! that’s why i’m writing about this now since so many people are having kiddos this year 🙂 oooh the saran wrap idea sounds GENIUS, where did u guys come up with that!

  2. wow this was actually very interesting to read for me! that’s so true that not every thing works… i really should try certain things (esp expensive things) from family/friends before purchasing huh? great writing ange!

  3. Saran wrap! Genius!

    I’ve heard from moms that the diaper genie is a waste…I guess you could say a luxury. I didn’t even register for one.

    • if you change your mind about the stinky, poopy diapers… there’s a bunch of diaper genies being sold on craigslist! i heard the diaper champ is good too – and it uses regular trashbags so you don’t need to purchase special liners.

  4. Wow great list Ange! I def think that less is better! It is so hard for a first time mom to know what’s practical. So many moms swear by the swing but it’s good to know that it’s not for all babies. Thanks for sharing!

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