My Biggest Regret


One of the first questions you’ll be asked once you pop that baby out is, “who is your pediatrician?”

I was seriously exhausted and delirious after having just given birth and wondered why they were asking this of all questions.  I didn’t have one in mind so I just haphazardly told my delivering doctor to pick one.  Bad bad decision on my part.

Nobody ever told me how important this was so I slacked off in looking for a pediatrician.  I was on the hunt about 2 weeks before my due date, but since I was 10 days early I never got around to it – big sigh.  Thus, the pediatrician we were “assigned” made life miserable for our last 2 days in the hospital.  It was traumatic for me and I cried my eyes out seeing my teensy baby unnecessarily poked and prodded and being forced formula against her mother’s will.

They won’t discharge your baby from the hospital unless a pediatrician signs off on it.  Basically, you have minimal parental rights at this point.  The pediatrician assigned to us was an old, outdated woman who didn’t bother to listen to what we wanted as parents.  Even though we voiced our concerns, she quickly disregarded what we had to say, and proceeded to impose her “doctor” status on us to force us to do things we didn’t think were necessary.

Moral of the story: find a pediatrician BEFORE you give birth, and make sure that pediatrician’s values line up with your own.  You will be seeing your pediatrician a lot for the first several years of your child’s life, might as well make him/her a good one!  The moment we left the hospital we kicked that pediatrician to the curb and found ourselves an amazing one.

5 thoughts on “My Biggest Regret

  1. Who did you end up finding?

    How do you choose a pediatrician before the baby is born (b/c they don’t have insurance or anything when they’re in the womb!)? Do you just need the doctor’s name? How does that work?

    • Yea, you give a doctor’s name, and the hospital will contact him/her for you. The pediatrician will come every day during your hospital stay to check up on the baby and give orders to the nurses.

      They do a “newborn screening test” while you’re in the hospital, and those test results then get delivered directly to your pediatrician. Since we switched pediatrician’s right away, we had to go through the hassle of transferring those test results to our new pediatrician.

      As for insurance – a few months before Noelle was born, Sam told his HR dept about our baby and they told him just to give them all her info (name, due date, etc)… and the day we delivered, he called his work and they added Noelle to our insurance right away. I would check with your HR dept to see how you should proceed with the insurance stuff.

      Do you have HMO or PPO?

  2. that IS traumatizing! glad you ended up finding an awesome one. no one tells you these things! who knew that the pediatrician has to sign your baby out. oh dear, i should start looking too.

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