2-Month Update

This last month went by even faster than the first month.  There’s a huge difference between even week 2 to week 4 because at week 2 you’re still learning the ropes as a new parent, and every time the baby cries you’re kinda freaking out trying to figure out what’s wrong.  However, by week 4, you really start to know your baby and can anticipate a lot of his/her needs.  You start to get a system down and have found the most efficient way to do the diaper changes, baths, feedings, etc.

At 5 weeks, we shaved off all her hair.  It’s a pretty common practice amongst asians.  Supposedly, it makes your hair grow back healthier and thicker.  We used clippers, a bowl of warm water, shaving cream, and a Venus 4-blade razor.  We were really nervous doing it, and it took us about an hour to shave off all her hair.  Though these days I kinda miss that unruly, thick black mass that she was born with.

One of the hardest things for us during Noelle’s first month was figuring out the sleeping situation.  Some nights we’d sleep with her on our chest in the nursery (we have a twin-sized bed in there), other nights we’d bring her into our room (and fear squishing her).  We tried putting her in the co-sleeper that our friend lent to us.  We tried the crib.  Every night was so different and we didn’t have any sort of structure, we were just doing whatever we could to get a decent night’s sleep!  Noelle would not sleep if she wasn’t with us, meaning that the crib went largely untouched for that first month.

At 6 weeks, when she was going longer between feedings and staying awake more often, we started sleep training her.  During the day, we make sure to keep a Eat, Play, Sleep schedule and she’s been pretty good with that.  Her last feeding of the day is usually around 7pm, where we’ll skip the play part to put her directly to sleep.  We hold her until she’s sleepy and then lay her in her crib.  So since the 6 week mark, S and I have been able to enjoy quiet nights unwinding before Noelle wakes up for her next feed.  She has a relatively predictable schedule now, and usually wakes up at 10pm, 1am, 4am, and 7pm.  It fluctuates here and there, but she always has two middle-of-the-night (MOTN) feedings.  She’s still so little, so going 3-4 hours between feedings until she’s hungry again is pretty normal.  We have a system down where my husband takes over one of the MOTN feedings so that I can get an extended amount of sleep at night too.  Its worked well for us!

This month, Noelle also started smiling and cooing more.  We melt to pieces every time she does it.  It’s so much fun playing with her and watching her eyes get fixated from one object to another.  You can tell she’s really soaking in the world and everything in it!  Sometimes I’ll just stick her in her crib, turn on the mobile, and watch as she stares at the moving objects and colors in complete fascination.

She’s changing so much and so fast that I’m already starting to grieve the tiny infant stage.  When we went to the pediatrician’s for her 8-week check-up, we found that she gained 3 pounds and jumped into the 90th percentile for both height and weight!  I guess my nickname for her, “chubby wubby”, is fitting!  At this visit, she also got her first 3 vaccinations.  She was a brave girl and only cried a little when the needles were going in, but was fine a moment after.  We’re doing a slower rate vaccination schedule so that she doesn’t overload her system all at once.

Month 2 has been really good to us.  My husband and I were even able to squeeze in two date nights, but both times it was hard for us to even be away from her for just a few short hours.  We missed her so much!  I love being a mom – I feel like this was what I was made to do.  I love looking at my daughter knowing she is allll mine.  I love the way she looks up at me with her puppy eyes as if to say, “just love me”… and I couldn’t be happier to oblige.

Here’s my sweet baby girl at 2 months with my favorite bear:

12 lbs 7 oz | 23.5 inches | 39 cm


2 thoughts on “2-Month Update

  1. That’s awesome that you have her on such a steady schedule already! I’m super impressed! She is going through SUCH a growth spurt. I cannot believe how different she looks from last month. I remember when my niece was that size, and sometimes it would seem that she changed every day. It really is such an incredible time.

  2. Ange, I love these updates! I was getting teary reading the last part of the post. The 3 of you are such a cute and loving family. Yes, she is allll yours! What a feeling! She looks adorable even without her mohawk! Her face is changing so much. so cute.

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