Week 38 – So Close…

*The post below was an unfinished draft… I went into Labor this week on Wednesday 1/5/11 and never got to finish off Week 38.  Noelle Olivia was born in the wee hours of 1/6/11 and she couldn’t have been more perfect.  A post on my labor story to come*

I lost my mucous plug (aka “bloody show”) this past Tuesday morning.  It was a distinct, thick plug with a tinge of blood about the size of a quarter so there was no denying what it was.  I stared at it for a moment in the toilet and even contemplated (briefly) taking a picture of it.  A lot of sites list losing your mucous plug as a sign that labor is nearing.  Many women go into labor a day or two after losing their mucous plug, but again, this is one of those things that are different for everyone.  Some women don’t go into labor til weeks later even after having lost their mucous plug.

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I had an OBGYN appointment that same morning and my doc was “impressed” by how low my baby was sitting in my pelvic area (that’s probably why even a few steps from the couch to the kitchen makes me ache!).  He said she was in an ideal position for birth and that I’m 3 cm dilated now!  Um, to give you some perspective… most women head to the hospital when they’re 4-5 cm dilated.  I’m going to try to labor at home for as long as possible though.  The less time in the hospital, the better.

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