The Quest for a Diaper Bag

I’m usually a pretty decisive person, but when it came to hunting for the right diaper bag I was at a complete loss.  I read more reviews than I care to count, and went back and forth in my head about what features I really needed.  I was in search of something functional and cute but still affordable.  Is that asking too much?  Haha.  As a first time mom, I don’t even know what exactly goes into a diaper bag!  This search gave me a big headache, but I finally settled on one that I committed to.  It’s on its way and should be here any day now.

Some of the features I was looking for:

  • PVC free.
  • Reasonably priced – was hoping to stay in the $50 range and away from the $100 range.
  • Comes with a baby changing pad.
  • Ability to attach to a stroller with ease.
  • Looks cute but unisex at the same time.
  • Good reviews.

These were some of my final picks:

  1. Petunia Pickle Bottom ($160)

  2. Pros:
    Super cute designs, excellent quality, spacious. Comes with a changing pad and can easily convert from a shoulder bag to a backpack.  The material is made of silk with water-resistant lining so cleanup is a cinch.  It’s PVC free too.  Unfortunately, it was never a true contender because of the price tag.  Nice eye candy though.

    Out of budget. I couldn’t get myself to commit to a $160 bag for my first diaper bag. What if I end up hating it? I heard many moms own several bags because you want a smaller bag for day-to-day activities and a larger bag for overnight or weekend trips away. Plus, I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t be caught dead walking around with this bag.

  3. Skip Hop ($45)

  4. Pros:
    With so many excellent reviews on Amazon you can’t help but pay attention.  The price tag was reasonable too.  This bag comes with a changing pad and with 11 pockets, it seems to be able to carry a lot of stuff. The bag easily attaches to your stroller so you don’t have to lug it around if you don’t want. The look of this bag is unisex so I know my husband wouldn’t have a problem toting this around either.

    I seriously considered this bag, but some of the reviews really made me hesitate. The negative reviews all talked about how once you fill up all the pockets around the bag it’s impossible to reach into the center of the bag and grab stuff buried deep inside without having to take everything out and reorganize. With a height of 13.8 inches, it does seem much deeper than other bags on the market. Plus, I didn’t love the look of this bag. I wanted something that had the possibility of converting into a regular tote or even a laptop bag once I’m done with the diapering stuff. The search continued…

  5. GoGaga ($96.87)

  6. Pros:
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of this bag!! It’s so modern and trendy and I would never have guessed that it was a diaper bag if I saw it in public. It’s cute enough for the modern woman, but functional enough for a man to carry too.  It’s also eco-friendly and made from recycled material. The ergonomic strap looks so comfy, it comes with a baby changing pad, and it’s supposedly spacious enough to fit a 13″ laptop.  It even has straps that lets you attach a yoga mat to it, wow! I can imagine wearing this bag as an everyday messenger bag long after its baby use days are over.

    Many of the reviewers complained that it doesn’t fit a 13″ laptop like it claims. They also didn’t like the “U-shaped” bottom. For a diaper bag, that doesn’t lend itself to much practicality. I would want to be able to nicely fit my bottles, clothes, diapers, etc. in a bag with a flat bottom so things aren’t constantly meshing together. For the price tag of $106, I couldn’t get myself to invest in this as a first bag despite the initial love-at-first-sight.

Finally, the diaper bag I settled on:

  1. Lassig Messenger Eco-Friendly Bag ($44.40)
  2. Pros:
    For one thing, the price tag is the cheapest of all of them!  I’m not sure why Amazon’s price is different now (says $98) from the time I purchased it, but maybe I lucked out.  I like that it’s a messenger-style, unisex looking bag that could easily pass for your typical laptop bag.  The front flap actually zips off, so you can change designs if you want to change up your look.  This bag also comes with stroller clips that easily attaches to your stroller and it’s made of eco-friendly material.  It has a flat bottom, but doesn’t look too boxy (a problem I had with the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag).  The wide strap looks really comfortable and I can’t wait to test it out.

    There aren’t many reviews on this bag, but the ones I did read were all largely positive.  I’m also not sure this bag will be able to handle long day trips or weekend trips, but it should meet my needs for everyday purposes.  I’ll update with a personal review of this bag once I receive it and start actively using it!

One thought on “The Quest for a Diaper Bag

  1. omg thank you for answering a question that was floating in my head for years! I was always wondering the heck was in that bag for the hospital! I was always like…Can’t someone come get your clothes and other things for you? But I can see why you need a bag right away.. hehe

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