Week 33 – I Feel Them!

This week, I experienced my first Braxton-Hicks Contractions.  I was wondering when or if I’d even know what they felt like, but the words of my OBGYN, “oh you’ll know” rang true for me this week.  Whoever said these were “painless” wasn’t telling the whole truth because these contractions still feel like someone grabbed your uterus and squeeeeezed.  It’s slightly uncomfortable, similar to minor period cramps.

I’m also waking up regularly throughout the night and constantly thirsty.  This is probably a combination of the third trimester and our dry Cali winters though.  My lips are always chapped and I always have the urge to lick them.

Baby N is still doing a number in my tummy as she rolls and punches and hiccups like crazy, though the jabs aren’t coming off as strong as before – probably because she’s running out of room in there as she continues to grow.  She is in the right position for birth, with her head down and facing my back in an anterior position.  This is considered the optimal position for birth, so let’s hope she stays here!  She still has plenty of time to change her mind though…

Random fact: Less than 5% of mother’s have baby’s who are breeched, so it’s not as common as one might be led to believe.  No doctors in Orange County are willing to take the risk of vaginally delivering a breeched baby, so if you do end up with a breeched baby and want to deliver in Orange County, the chances of you needing a C-section are 99.99%.

In other news, our co-ed baby shower is this weekend!  We only registered at Amazon and things have been slowly arriving at our door.. exciting!  I did a ton of research and only registered for things we really needed.  I had a lot more fun picking out items for the baby registry than I did for our wedding registry.  We have received a ton of hand-me-downs too for our baby’s first year, so clothes aren’t high on our list of priorities… though every time I walk by a cute infant outfit I’m so tempted to purchase it – I can see how easy it is to spoil your baby!  Parents really do want to give their children the best of everything.  *Sigh*

Week 33 Day 4

How Baby is Growing:

  • He’s rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening.
  • The bones in his skull aren’t fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him to fit through the birth canal.  These bones don’t entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as his brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.
  • Brain continues to rapidly grow.

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