Swaying to the Music with Baby N

Ever since Baby N’s ears started forming, I’ve been putting music to my belly through this nifty device:

The cool thing is that the other end of the buds insert directly into an MP3 player/ipod so you don’t have to listen to music along with your baby if you don’t want to.  That means I can just stick these buds onto my belly and focus on other things (like studying, cleaning, going out and running errands) without anyone ever knowing that there is music being played.

The few main selections Baby N has been listening to are this Mozart CD (pictured below), Sara Bareilles, and Coldplay.  Soon I will introduce her to some of my other favorites, like Hillsong United, John Mayer, and Priscilla Ahn.

I really like this CD, the selections chosen are so soothing and pleasing to the ear.  Apparently, for some women, their newborns recognize the music they played to the baby while in the womb and will fall asleep better and faster when that same music is played.  Hopefully there’s some truth to that… we shall see!


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