Week 24 – Glucose Challenge Screening

The pelvic aches feel better today than they did last week, but I can still feel them.  I went in for another obgyn appointment today and the doctor didn’t really tell me much except to rest more.  Mmm, that wasn’t much help Doc…

I had another reason for going to the obgyn today – to test for gestational diabetes.  What they do is have you drink a bottle of glucose drink one hour before you’re tested.  Then they draw a blood sample from your arm to test your blood glucose level.  They call this the Glucose Challenge Screening.  I was told by the assistant that the test is more accurate if you don’t eat anything beforehand, so I’ve been starving all morning!  However, many websites say that no fasting is required.

The glucose drink looks like this:

I heard some women find it disgusting, but I thought it tasted like Orangina without the carbonation.  You’re supposed to down the whole bottle within 5 minutes.  Shortly after drinking it I felt really funny – super jittery and I could feel my heart beating really fast.  My body must’ve been on a crazy sugar high.  The results should come back in 3-4 days, and if my test comes back abnormal, I’ll have to take another test called the Glucose Tolerance test.  I wasn’t planning on it, but I also ended up getting a flu shot.  Probably a good thing since I was deathly ill with the flu just one year ago.

Milestone: I’m now halfway through my second trimester.  Just one more month until I hit the dreaded final third trimester!  I have heard that trimester is pretty miserable, accompanied by leg cramps, back aches, insomnia, endless urination, and more.  Not looking the least bit forward to that, but at least our nursery is almost complete!

Weight Gain: I started off my pregnancy at a pretty stable weight of 122 lbs.  This means I’ve gained a total of 16 pounds thus far.  I have 16 weeks left, so I’m thinking I will gain at least 30 pounds or more by the end of this (anticipating that I gain about a pound a week for the remainder of the pregnancy).  The recommended weight gain during pregnancy for a woman of healthy weight is 25-37 pounds so I think I’m on the right track.

Let’s see what’s weighing me down (taken from The American Pregnancy Association)!

Baby: 7-8 pounds
Placenta: 1-2 pounds
Amniotic Fluid: 1-2 pounds
Uterus: 2 pounds
Breasts: 2 pounds
Blood: 2 pounds
Water: 4 pounds
Maternal fat and nutrient stores: 7 pounds

That’s a total of 29 pounds right there!

Not much has changed this past week, and from the looks of the picture I might even look slightly smaller.  Supposedly, my belly size can look very different depending on how the baby is resting in my belly.  So some days I might look like a balloon whereas other days I might look like a deflated one.

Weighing in at: 138 lbs.  Belly Size: 26 inches

How Baby is Growing:

  • Baby is 15 inches long and weighs about 1 1/2 pounds.
  • Her brain is growing quickly now and her taste buds are continuing to develop.
  • Her lungs are developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree” as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help his air sacs inflate once he hits the outside world.
  • Her skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon.
  • Your baby has a sense of whether he/she is upside down or right side up inside your amniotic sac.  That’s because baby’s inner ear, which controls balance in the body, is now developed.
  • Babies born at 24 weeks have a greater than 50/50 chance of survival (YAY!!!!!!!).  The odds get better with every passing week.

How Mama is Doing:

  • By your 24th week, your estrogen level will be slightly higher than your progesterone level.
  • To accomodate your increasing lung capacity, your rib cage is enlarging.  By the time your baby is born, the distance around your rib cage will have expanded by 2-3 inches.
  • Your uterus may begin practicing for labor and delivery.  It starts exercising its muscle mass – these warm-up contractions are called Braxton-Hicks contractions – haven’t experienced any contractions yet.
  • Your lower spine is continuing to curve backward to help keep you from falling forward from the weight of your growing baby.  The changes in your bones, joints and ligaments may be continuing to cause back pain – No back pain for me YET… whew.

One thought on “Week 24 – Glucose Challenge Screening

  1. Hey! Wondering how the glucose test went. And what new and wonderful (or less than wonderful) things going on in the pregnancy so far? I may not comment often, but I do read every blog, and enjoy following each week of your pregnancy!

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