2nd Trimester 3D/4D Ultrasound

We went in for our 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday, and the technicians confirmed within a minute of looking at our baby that it is without a doubt, a Baby Girl.  🙂

Week 19 Ultrasound: 08/24/10

Tech: it’s definitely a girl.

Me: how were you able to tell so fast?

Tech: oh, she wasn’t shy about it at all!  She really wanted us to know.  (Points to screen) There are her ovaries, and that’s her vagina.

Husband: I really need to buy a chastity belt now!

Our baby girls’ legs were lifted up in the air and she exposed herself for all the world to see.  Goodness gracious, I hope this isn’t true to life, or else Sam is really going to need that gun.

She now weighs in at 11 ounces and has all the indications of a healthy baby and is progressing nicely.  The technician gave us another DVD to bring home with a recording of the ultrasound.  She was resting and not moving much in my belly when the tech first pressed the ultrasound device onto my belly, but within minutes, she was awake and moving all over the place.  She was curled up in a tiny little ball, even though the tech said she had plenty of space to stretch out.

We weren’t expecting any 4D images because I heard those are voluntary and you have to pay extra for that, but the tech surprised us by giving us quite a few 4D images to take home!  I wanted to share the two that were our favorites.  Hope you’re not too freaked out, I know she still looks like an extraterrestrial…

This is my husband’s favorite pose.  She looks like she has 6 limbs!  Here, you can see she’s all bundled up in a tight ball.  Her legs are up to her nose!

This is my fave because it just seems so sweet.  I can’t believe we were able to see such details in her features.  I love her little fingers.  She looks so peaceful, with her hand gently placed over her eye.


3 thoughts on “2nd Trimester 3D/4D Ultrasound

  1. Great pictures. Something tells me she’ll be a little more modest by the times kindergarten rolls around.

    And, if not, at least she’ll be popular.

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