A Bit Deprived

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Since I started this blog late, there are a few topics I want to catch up on – one of them being Pregnancy Nutrition. Aiaiaiaii it’s unfortunate that so many of my favorite foods are on this list!

According to The American Pregnancy Association, these are the Foods I need to avoid while pregnant:

  1. Raw/Rare Meat – If you know me, you know the only way I like to eat steak is red, bloody, and rare.
  2. Deli Meat/Meat with Nitrates – Can be contaminated with listeria, which can cause miscarriage.  I wasn’t too sad about this until I found out it makes eating sandwiches difficult, including my favorite Subway!  However, I’ve learned to go to the deli and have them slice fresh meats for me.  I also can’t have salami or prosciutto, which I loved pairing with soft cheeses (another nono – see below).
  3. Fish with Mercury – Shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish.  I don’t know what half these fishies are.
  4. Fish Exposed to Industrial Pollutants – That means NO salmon.
  5. Smoked seafood – I’m truly sad about the inability to eat smoked salmon.
  6. Raw Shellfish – Why do I love oysters??
  7. Raw Eggs – Ew.  Salmonella anyone?
  8. Soft Cheeses – No feta, goat cheese, or brie.  These are 3 of my favorite cheeses!  Whyyy..
  9. Unpasteurized milk – I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find this, unless you live on a farm?  I’m drinking TONS of organic milk now though!
  10. Pate – Another luxury I wouldn’t be able to eat even if I could.
  11. Caffeine – It’s recommended that pregnant women drink no more than one cup of coffee per day.  I’m trying not to drink any, but with my packed school schedule there are days when no caffeine just won’t do, especially when I have a big test ahead.
  12. Alcohol – I’m not much of an alcohol drinker to begin with, but it’s funny what you crave when you can’t have it at all – cocktails and wines of all sorts look quite enticing these days.

It’s unlisted here, but the most challenging thing for me to give up has actually been Diet Soda.

No studies have been done on artificial sweeteners and its effects on pregnancy, so it’s recommended that we limit our intake.  However, drinking fruit juices, ice cold milk, and sparkling water has helped curb this craving a lot.  After weeks of feeling deprived, I’m actually not missing soda anymore.  Here’s to hoping this will be a permanent, healthy change in my life!

It’s also recommended that Pregnant women eat 80-100 grams of protein per day.  For the most part I’ve been able to reach this goal, which I track through an excel sheet created by The Bradley Method’s Pregnancy Diet.  I get my protein mostly through eggs, and lots of milk and yogurt.  Every time I’m thirsty I make a grab for that carton of milk and guzzle guzzle.  Since I can’t eat rare beef, I have no desire to eat any kind of beef at all (unless it’s KBBQ).  I get my chicken in once in awhile, but I don’t really eat chicken at home on a regular basis.  I’m learning to find new foods to enjoy, and knowing that my choices can affect baby in either a positive or negative way motivates me to be on my best behavior!

Are you there little one?  Mommy loves you very much and already would give up anything for you.

One of the first questions people asked me when they first found out I was pregnant was, “What do you crave?” – to be honest, I haven’t had any weird, abnormal cravings!  The only thing that I’ve consistently craved is PBJ sandwiches.  I eat them every.single.day.  My typical breakfast is 1 large glass of milk, 1 overeasy egg, and 2 slices of whole wheat bread with PB and J on both sides (I like to eat them open-faced so I can taste the PBJ more).  Sounds pretty balanced to me – got some dairy, got some protein, got some healthy fats, got some good carbs, got some sweet and some salty.

I love breakfast!

Instead of food cravings though, I do get “food aversions”.  I used to LOVEEEE korean food, but these days when my husband suggests we go to my fave Korean restaurant (Kaya), I usually respond with a “no, thank you” – it just doesn’t appeal to me lately.  That’s the biggest change I can think of, but other than that I still like the things I like and don’t like the things I don’t like.  Not eating pickles and ice cream quite yet!  No cravings for sawdust either (whew!) <– FYI, this is a very real concern Pregnant women go through – it’s called Pica.


4 thoughts on “A Bit Deprived

  1. that stinks!!! i never knew you had to stop eating SO MANY kinds of foods! but you’re super healthy anyways, so i’m sure baby has a good start! keep up the good work ange!

  2. Umm SAWDUST!? what the heck!? hahahaha

    the only thing i would miss from that food list is COFFEE!!! ahh…. but everything else is oK! And I love PBJ’s too!!! and breakfast!!! YUM

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