Wanting a Natural Birth

I’ve deviated back and forth about doing a Natural Birth over the years, but what cinched it for me was the documentary The Business of Being Born (if you have Netflix you can watch it on Netflix streaming) on top of talking to some women at my church who are strong advocates for doing it the natural way.

I didn’t know so much went into doing a Natural Birth – you really have to be prepared!  Little did I know, you can’t just walk into the hospital on labor day and attempt to do a natural birth.  As soon as I mentioned I wanted to a natural birth, I discovered a slew of friends and acquaintances who had actually done it.  They couldn’t express enough how worthwhile and fulfilling the whole experience was.  I was told about The Bradley Method (thanks again for all the great advice, Nancy!), which is a 12 week series of classes that prepares you for natural birth.  I did my research, found a Bradley Birth Teacher in my area, and proceeded to set up an initial consult.

We met with Melissa Parker for the first time on Thursday and we think she’s a good fit for us!  She had this genuine, warm vibe to her and was very easy to talk to.  She is also a certified doula and lactation consultant.  The cherry on top is that she is Christian.  She was pretty vocal about her faith even before she knew we were Christians.

Due to my busy school schedule and night classes, we can’t take the 12-week group classes with her.  However, her private sessions are the same price and only 6-8 weeks in length.  Nearly 90% of Bradley Birth mommies are able to successfully do a natural birth – here’s to hoping we add to that statistic!

We also decided to hire her as our doula, which includes the lactation services.  With this being our first child, we want to make sure we’re as prepared as possible.  She will be our voice when we’re too tired, frantic, and frazzled the day of delivery.  I also heard breastfeeding is no easy feat, so her guidance should help a lot for a first time mommy like me!


2 thoughts on “Wanting a Natural Birth

  1. I’m glad you found a Bradley instructor. And how awesome that she’s a L.C. I had to pay for mine cause my stupid hospital didn’t have any on staff. It’s really important to have a L.C. after your birth. The 80-100 oz of protein were so hard for me, it just seemed like SO much food. And I just never had much of an appetite during my pregnancy. But, it’s true, you want a good weight on your baby, not a skinny little guy or gal. You can do it naturally, just educate yourself and you will be ready. Can’t wait to hear your birth story!

    • thanks nancy for directing me to those bradley birth classes! i’m looking forward to learning more about the natural birth process and getting started on those classes! i agree, getting in all that protein is super challenging for me too. i haven’t drank this much milk since i was a kid!

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